All of the Taste, None of the Allergens

FREE FROM: Eggs, Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, Fish, Coconut, Corn, Grains, Rice, and Sesame

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Cinnamon Granola – $11

Ingredients: Organic Tigernuts, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Olive Oil, Agar, Organic Cinnamon, Salt

Chocolate Chip Granola – $11

Ingredients: Organic Tigernuts, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Olive Oil, Dairy Free Chocolate Chips (evaporated cane juice, natural chocolate liquor (non-alcoholic),non-dairy cocoa butter), Agar, Organic Cinnamon, Salt


What People Are Saying

  • RENEE!! these crackers 🤤 I'm obsessed, the crunch is amazing and love the taste too!! Going to post this afternoon!  
  • Omg it just arrived and my son and I almost have it gone in less than 1/2 hr....soooooo good!!! Worth the wait :)  
  • Btw the snacks were incredible! The granola is already gone and my girlfriend stole my bag of chive chips! We loved them, great job!! 😊
  • Renee!!!! Omgosh!!!!! Everthing is super good!!!! I'm currently breastfeeding an have had to omit alot! So I'm truly enjoying these new treats!  
  • Gave the sample box as Christmas gifts! EVERYONE commented on how delicious and addicting all these goodies are. "You can't eat just one!"  Pretty much says it all.  
  • Doing a happy dance over here!!! The chocolate chip granola is my jam. My 5 year old loves it too. Buy more than you think you need friends, this stuff is addictive ❤️    
  • Dr. Jennifer Shell
    I can’t imagine my life without THE REAL RENEE’s granola! At my house we have two with celiac disease and one with a nut sensitivity. To have a fun “granola” we can all snack on and love means everything to me! Thanks Renee  
    Dr. Jennifer Shell
    Chiropractor and Functional Nutritionist
  • Thank You so much! I love the granola and both crackers! Wish I would have ordered more!  
  • Cat Alford
    My whole family loves THE REAL RENEE products, including my picky eater! It feels good as a mom to give my kids snacks that are healthy but also delicious  
    Cat Alford
    Author of Mom’s Got Money
  • I'm out of Chocolate Chip is seriously the best thing I've ever eaten.  I can make a bag disappear in about 14 minutes 😊  
  • Michelle
    Renee’s crackers are my absolute favorite! I have a hard time closing the bag once I open it. The garlic is my go-to flavor. All the crackers are light and airy but packed with flavor. I enjoy eating them alone but they also make the perfect vessel on a cheese board! I prefer a crisp, lighter cracker, especially when I’m pairing it with a Heavier cheese or spread and these happen to be the perfect match!  
  • Wow. This granola 🤯
  • Lauren
    I have been gluten/dairy free for 7 years and have never come across a snack that is nutrient dense with the perfect taste and texture… until now! THE REAL RENEE is the Real Deal!  
  • I almost at your whole bag of granola already.  Our flight was delayed.  
  • My kids are going crazy over the chive crackers and chocolate chip granola - SO GOOD 😋  


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